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Fresh Plaza Editorial - Changing Perceptions

COC was conceived at the turn of the century and has since grown into an international competitor in quantity and quality inspections and related services.

Grounded by African roots, COC set out to become an international player within ten years of inception and did so with our commitment to growth and expansion. We now boast an operational footprint that spans most continents and have our head office in Johannesburg, South Africa.

At COC we are:

  • Committed to no longer being an inspections service provider, but rather your perishable product business partner;
  • Dedicated to accelerating turnaround times and reporting, through a service driven approach and innovative use of technology; and
  • Passionate about changing perceptions of people and companies utilising inspection services worldwide.

Perishable Product Service

COC are pleased to offer specialised services in the fresh product industry, while still maintaining the best turnaround time and work standard that COC are known for.

Fresh products need to be shipped and transported under closely monitored and controlled temperatures and storage conditions. The logistics of transporting fresh products is a specialised industry and every hour in transit involves a loss of shelf life and a potential loss of income for farmers, wholesalers and retailers.

Our services focus on standard operating procedures for the movement of fresh products measured against relevant industry, local and international standards. As fresh products make their way through the supply chain for import, export or local consumption, COC can offer a complete range of services that help manage risk, ensure quality and protect your valued product from the farm to the factory or the shelf.

Whatever the product, COC has experienced trained and dedicated staff to ensure that each and every unique client requirement is met, all in accordance with the relevant international industry standards and procedures.

COC Perishable Product services include:

  • Inspections
    • Quality and quantity verification
  • Container inspections
    • Product temperature
    • Ventilation & temperature verification
    • Container temperature monitoring and recording
    • Container sealing
  • Orchard Services
  • Pack house services
    • Handling procedure verification
    • Labeling verification
    • Quantity inspection
    • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) monitoring
  • Cold storage services
    • Monitoring storage conditions
    • Storage and shipping temperature monitoring
    • Shelf life and maximization and monitoring
    • SOP monitoring
  • Port Services
    • Quantity & quality verification
  • Quality Management System (QMS) and SOP consultancy services
  • Global GAP/BRC/ISO consultancy services

Through COC's twelve years' experience in the quantity and quality inspection service industry, we have a broad operational network where all the above mentioned services can be performed in both export and destination countries. Our network covers all of Africa as well as Europe, Asia, Middle East and the Far East.

COC is an independent inspection agency with no ties to any related entity in the fresh produce industry, thereby ensuring a transparent, independent and value adding service to the entire fresh produce supply chain.

Feel free to contact us to provide you with a detailed costing proposal or to discuss a customized service offering to meet your specific requirements.