Commercial and marine Services

Commercial Loading and Off-loading Service

The ever increasing international market where companies are exporting and importing products on a daily basis, has established the need for loading and off-loading supervision to confirm the quantity and quality of the goods transported and shipped. The local supply and demand of products also requires these services on a smaller scale for specific products that are transported in bulk or containerised loads.

COC offer loading and off-loading supervision to ensure the quantity of the products transported and delivered are as per the buyer's /seller's agreement and all transport / shipping documents. We further make sure that correct handling procedures are followed to protect the quality of the goods when they are loaded and off-loaded, whether transported containerised or bulk, by road, rail or sea.

COC has a trusted pool of qualified inspectors that are available to fit in with our clients' individual loading and off-loading schedules, thereby ensuring that we are your inspection business partner.

Loading supervision includes:

  • Verification of container condition (external and internal) and seaworthiness
  • Verification of cleanliness (debris, molt, vermin or insects) and floor damage of trailers or containers
  • Condition of packaging
  • Labelling requirements and expiry dates of products
  • Recording of any damages occurring during loading process
  • Product traceability verified against shipping documents, packing list or invoice
  • Container sealing with unique COC container seal
  • Photographic evidence of entire inspection process and container sealing
  • Detailed loading supervision report made available to clients
  • Verification of quantity
  • Appointment and management of
  • tally companies
  • ship stevedores
  • marine surveyors (draft surveys)
  • Ship and cargo agency services for bulk vessels
  • Management of rail loading and offloading services
  • Liaison with port authorities and cargo agents
  • Collection of weighbridge tickets and shipping documents




Off-loading supervision would include similar services as with loading supervision to avoid disputes or variances at discharge and in import countries. Off-loading supervision would ensure that buyers and importers receive the goods in same quality and quantity.