HR Sourcing

By supplying temporary staff, COC offers clients the flexibility to quickly tailor the workforce to meet fluctuating operational requirements. Staff can be acquired at short notice, as and when needed. Clients are able to utilise the services of workers without creating the expectation of continued employment. You may terminate employment when indicated by operational needs. This flexibility is assured through our unique Short term or limited duration contracts of Employment.
All administrative responsibilities in this regard are handled by COC. We offer a range of staff from senior staff to general labour. We are able to meet daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal demands or the requirements of a particular project. COC is the employer and assumes this responsibility.
Outsourcing has become common practice, particularly in South Africa, in an ever changing  labour legislative environment
It provides a company with the ability to flex capacity to match demand. This need may arise due to economic uncertainties, short term contract duration, seasonal demand or generally short term projects. From a cost perspective, it allows the employer to adequately match capacity to demand, and to focus rather on its core activity, and enable line staff to concentrate on their primary areas of responsibility and not get embroiled in staffing issues.
COC also provides legitimate expectation of continued employment for its labour pool, as contracts may vary and provide constantly renewed employment opportunities. This also allows for increased skills acquisition by all COC staff.  COC’s recruitment methodology allows for rapid deployment of teams on the ground, and also allows clients to assess staff before maybe they are offered permanent employment.
Amongst other, COC’s administrative responsibilities include:

  • UIF, COID, etc
  • Statutory benefits (leave etc)
  • Records
  • Payslips and payments
  • EE reports