VOC HR Inspector Sourcing

Inspection workforce on demand (VoC specialists)

Your turnkey inspection network in South Africa instantly, at no cost.
Based on more than 25 years experience and on its in-depth network, COC offers over 100 VoC trained inspectors in South and Southern Africa (trained to Kenya, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania specifications), available on demand. Inspectors operate on a first-come first serve basis, and our fees per inspection job range from as low as USD 60.00 to USD 120.00 PER JOB anywhere in Southern Africa, depending on location and duration.

  • Core inspection specialities: Food, Pharmaceuticals, Vehicles, FCL, Electro-technical, Industrial Equipment.
  • Minimum Inspector equipment: Vehicle, tablet, Android phones.
  • Typical Qualifications: VoC training, ASME, HACCP, Lead Auditor, ASW, Engineer.


  • Instant network of qualified inspectors available on demand, who can be trained further by your trainers, and to your own specifications.
  • No recruitment costs, no fixed overheads, no payroll, no liabilities, no strings attached.

Easy request for inspection (RFI) process.

  • You send us one e-mail request per job, 24/7/365.
  • We send you the lowest quote per job within 90 minutes or less!
  • You appoint us for the job, and you book the time and place with the exporter.
  • We send you one complete report with pictures (your template, or ours), PDF attachment, or uploaded directly to your system, depending on your Inspection Report (IR) format.
  • You use your letterhead to issue the report.

Easy payment terms:

  • USD (no forex loss or gain)
  • One accepted quote, one payment, easy tracking.
  • by EFT/Credit Card/Paypal/Revolut/Alipay/or your platform.

Contact ss@c-o-c.co.za for further information