Hygiene Services

Occupational Hygiene Services

You might assume that your offices, hotel rooms, fitness centres, restaurants or canteens are healthy and clean places, but this might not be the case. Ensuring the safety of your employees, guests or patrons while they use your facilities goes beyond the simple maintenance and cleaning of their work station, direct environment, fitness equipment or kitchen.

Today, the threat of wide scale microbial contamination is greater than ever. Your environment presents a natural breeding ground for these contaminations. Understanding what the risks are and what can be done to create a hygiene friendly facility will help you comprehensively achieve a more healthy experience for your employees or guests. Bacteria in poorly maintained facilities can spread disease and antibiotic-resistance infections can be picked up from heavily used areas, exercise equipment and improperly disinfected toilets or locker rooms.

Further to this, in any environment where food is handled and served to paying / non-paying customers, staff or guests, there is a risk of food related illnesses (food poisoning) as well as the risk of loss of products due to spoilage and recall. The implementation of a quality and hygiene inspection system is critical in addressing these issues, for you our client, and minimizing the risks and losses.

COC can help you set up and / or implement a quality and hygiene inspection system that is customised according to your business / organisation's unique operating environment. Whatever the industry, COC has experienced and dedicated staff to ensure that each and every client requirement is met, all in accordance with the relevant international and local industry standards and procedures.

COC will work side by side with you, our customer, and believe in sharing our personal expertise and knowledge. Through this working partnership, you will come to understand the importance of an efficient quality and hygiene inspection system in your business / organisation and enjoy the benefits it brings once implemented. COC can also assist you in preparing and drafting your procedures for certification or implementation done through a gap audit on your existing systems and procedures.

COC further offer quality and hygiene training and awareness courses, for you or your staff to gain a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of international quality and hygiene processes and standards. We are also able to offer specialised in-house training programs for your staff. Our training programs are designed to create awareness and knowledge among your employees and to prepare them prior to ISO or any other certification if required.

COC Hygiene services include:

  • Food Safety and Hygiene Inspections / Auditing
  • Mystery dinning
  • Work Environment Inspecitions / Auditing
  • Hotel & Spa Inspections / Auditing
  • Mystery guests
  • Fitness Centre Inspections / Auditing
  • HACCP and policy development
  • Hygiene safety training
  • Implementation of systems and procedures
  • Gap audits on existing systems and procedures
  • Customised reporting