Emanating from a variety of technical backgrounds, the COC consultants often team up and consolidate their respective expertise around a specific project. This has lead COC to have the ability to analyse and synthesize client requirements when it comes to mergers and acquisitions type of transactions.  The COC team can act either on behalf of the investor or buyer, or on behalf of the vendor or the seller. With expertise in rail transport, energy, renewable energies, quality control, finance, supply chain management, agricultural and industrial projects and marketing for example, the COC team can instantly capitalize on a cumulative 200 years of geographical, and macro-economical, and general business experience from its consultants in the region.
The COC experts consult to large multinationals and European corporate investors, as well as to most governments in the region at some point or another.
Their ability to see straight through all the conventional hurdles in an envisaged transaction can speed up the various due diligence processes, cutting through the maze of legal constraints and broader regulatory framework in Southern Africa.
Investment codes, BBBEE, Immigration, sub-standard goods, energy constraints, corruption, safety and security, the environment and other factors, transport and travel, are just some of the daily and almost routine parameters that one has to take into consideration in the region.
As such, COC can get involved at any level of transaction: Acquisition or exclusive sale mandates, valuations, deal sourcing, MBO’s/MBI’s/LBO’s for example, to name but a few. These transactions may also include joint venture agreements, capital sourcing and restructuring, identification of partners.
As a result, COC can structure a deal or a transaction from the beginning o the end, drawing on a vast additional network of trades and experts, from legal to finance and forensic when required.
COC gets involved in:

  • Identification of suitable prospects
  • Deal negotiation
  • Outsourcing due diligences, marketing, legal, and financial.
  • Company restructuring
  • BBBEE compliance
  • Securing of funds
  • HR sourcing and training