Metal & Minerals

Today, we are globally represented and boast with an operations footprint spanning most continents. We make use of innovative technology to drive accelerated turnaround times and up-to-the-minute reporting through a service driven approach and innovative use of technology. Our Metals and Mineral Services provide our clients with the support they need to operate effectively and profitably in the sector. We make our services available both as a partner and a technical advisor.

COC Metals and Minerals provide services for:

  • Energy minerals;
  • Base and precious metals;
  • Steel and steelmaking raw materials;
  • Building materials; and
  • Industrial minerals.

COC has always been committed to providing cutting edge solutions and adding value to our customers' concerns in order to reduce risk and maximise returns. All assay requirements and sample preparation is performed by our joint venture partners, all of which are ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Laboratories. This is just another way in which we work hard to add tangible value to the businesses and interests of our customers.

Regardless of the type of commodity, COC has the trained and experienced experts needed to ensure that our clients' expectations are far exceeded. Our entire network of accredited laboratories fully complies with international standards, as well as the strict standard and procedures as set out by COC.

COC Metals and Minerals services include:

  • Inspection Services;
  • Financial Risk Reduction;
  • Technical expertise on ferrous and non-ferrous ores and concentrates;
  • Solid fuels;
  • Quality and Quantity Verification; and
  • Stock Monitoring and Control.