Driven initially by the current lack of capacity to transport South African commuters, COC decided to establish themselves as players in the Rail Transport space.
Metrorail and Shosholoza Meyl are regarded as a commuter service and long distance passenger trains. Transporting over 2.2 million passengers in Gauteng, Cape Town, Durban and Eastern Cape regions, the rolling stock fleet of more than 600 train sets comprises coaches which were built between 1958 and the mid-Eighties. The organization’s fleet is currently undergoing a major transition due to the age of existing rolling stock and it is facing the retirement of a third of its existing fleet over the next ten years, as the coaches are reaching the end of their economic lives.
The problem comes with the price of replacement with new trains, particularly for such a large scale operation. Rolling stock prices are prohibitive and the lack of investment has left PRASA with its current situation of an ageing, unreliable fleet that has impacted more than 2.2 million daily commuters.
As part of the overall strategy, the state-owned entity, PRASA aims to modernise the existing fleet of trains and make decisions that will not only reduce overall cost of rolling stock within South Africa, but also benefit local prosperity through a selection process that aims to support local suppliers in train building and component manufacturing.
We, at COC say that we are very exciting and committed to delivering solutions that positively impact the communities and the South Africa’s development. As local experts having many years of experience, we are able to match the local industry challenges with our global technology advancements.
Our service offers to assist OEM to transferring capabilities to assure the creation of local competencies in the rail transport domain. COC will also be engaged in the implementation of premises and assist in the project management.

  • Financial studies (grant and soft loans application at DTI)
  • Business Plan and Project management assistance
  • Selection of partners and suppliers
  • optimization of industrial equipment