Driven initially by the current power supply issues in South Africa, COC decided to establish themselves as players in the renewable energy space.
Regardless of the macro-economic conditions in the country, faced with increasingly irregular energy supplies, and the costs generated by distributors who have a tendency to always increase, the use of reliable energy sources, predictable and cost effective  is becoming a necessity for the most businesses.
The investment costs of a solar installation, for example, are each days lower. Indeed, global demand coupled with an offer more and more competitive, allow a significant reduction in installation costs and, thereby, make renewable energy more profitable.
There are also various new wind generated power installation options for possible domestic applications, which we are currently investigating. Although still somewhat costly, advances in technology make it possible to envisage this alternative in the very near future.
Our panel of experts and engineers is also very well versed in all forms of conventional power generation, from thermal to liquid gas, or to biomass, or CSP’s and turbines for example.
Our service offers to accompany you in the implementation of a real energy consumption improvement. Accompanied by technical and financial experts, our mission is to help you reduce energy costs while ensuring a long-term view of the evolution of these costs, while providing real financial security, and maintaining a clean bill of health when it comes to the carbon footprint of an installation.

  • Technical and financial feasibility studies
  • Financial modelling
  • Project management assistance
  • Fund-raising and tax optimization
  • Selection of suppliers and optimization of equipments